FAIRFIELD, MT - On Monday, October 5th, Jasper Dauwalder arrived.

Jasper, the son of Beau and Holli Dauwalder, was born at 10:40 a.m. in the back of the family’s Suburban. Grandmother Kelli McCann was driving as they headed to the birthing center in Great Falls.

According to Grandmother Cindy Dauwalder, “When they realized baby wasn’t going to wait to get to the birthing center in Great Falls they called Holli’s midwives and they began to coach Beau and Holli on how to deliver their baby over the phone while Grandma Kelli sped down the highway. Approximately three miles west of Vaughn, Jasper Simon Dauwalder made his entrance into the world right into the arms of his dad, Beau. After he was born It took a few more minutes to get to Vaughn where one of the midwives jumped in and they all rode to the birthing center together. Momma and baby were doing fine and the little family was all home getting settled in by 4:00 that afternoon.”

On her Facebook page, Holli posted that Beau “was on speakerphone with my midwives so they could give a lesson on how to catch a baby! He was so calm, like delivering a baby in a moving vehicle was an every day occurrence.” Of Kelli, Holli said, “Same to Kelli McCann, Jaspers Grandma, who was able to drive us safely to meet with the midwives at the Big Sky Deli so one could ride with us the rest of the way to the birth center.”

Congratulations to the entire Dauwalder and McCann family, and especially to Beau, Holli, Ophelia and Jasper!