Once again, the historic Bunkhouse Inn in Augusta has changed hands. Lori and Matt Folkman of Wagon’s West fame have taken over as new owners. When queried on their motivation for taking on another business in town, Matt replies, “We want to carry on a tradition and The Bunkhouse means a lot to the community.”

Matt first arrived in Augusta as a building superintendent for the LF Ranch. As he divulged, “The job brought us here, but the community kept us here.” He says they fell in love with everything around Augusta to include the historic aspect and the charm that goes along with the Bunkhouse. Matt and Lori like working with people and hearing their stories. Matt quips, “None of this is to get rich.”

Add to this love of the community the amazing “coincidence” that Lori’s aunt and uncle, Doris and Ernie Rowley once-operated the Inn themselves in the early 70’s. Doris and Ernie owned the neighboring grocery store and meat locker and took on the Bunkhouse, too. Sounds like hard work runs in the family!

Former owner Donna Hartelius opines, “I feel like it is in good hands to be maintained by locals with community connections.”

Chamber of Commerce President, Tammy Dellwo chimes in, when asked about the new owners, “I think it’s great and they are already positively involved in Augusta.”

Looking into the future plans for The Bunkhouse Matt maintains that they will continue what Donna Hartelius started. They will consider bringing the siding back to the original. They will strive to have a very strong online presence and will meet people at the door when they arrive to book a room.

Matt and Lori would like The Bunkhouse Inn to have more of a Bed and Breakfast-type feel, so they will be renaming the rooms to include significant names from the area. Very shortly, you can sleep in The Gilman Room or the Elkhorn Room; all with the lodge style that Donna perfected.

Expect prices to stay the same, but look for packages that will include vouchers for breakfasts at The Wagon’s West. Those breakfasts are savored by visitors and locals alike, by the way.

Visit bunkhouseinnmt or yourgatewaytoadventure.com to check on availability, see photos and view prices or call Matt and Lori at 406-562-3387.

Our next Bunkhouse Inn story will look back at the Bunkhouse’s storied history. You’ll hear tales of ghosts, bad guys fleeing from rooms and other fascinating stories.