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The cover of the current edition of RANGE Magazine

Our good friend and ace reporter for RANGE Magazine, Dave Skinner, has outdone himself with his story “High Anxiety: Out-of-control grizzlies terrify Montana ranchers,” that appears in the current edition of RANGE - another great friend to the Sun Times.

For the story Skinner interviewed Fairfield’s Shanun Rammell along with Steve Skelton of the Skelton Ranch near Bynum; Montana State Senator Butch Gillespie and his wife Doreen from Ethridge and Dave McEwen, former president of the Montana Wool Growers Association.

There are still a few copies of the winter issue of RANGE on the shelf at Fairfield Drug, or you can order a copy (or, better yet, subscribe) by calling 8-800-RANGE-4-U, or visit www.rangemagazine.com.