Town of Fairfield Snow Removal Policy

Let's hope our snow never gets THAT deep!

Snow Removal Policy (revised 1/9/2019)

Property owners should clean all sidewalks within the Town of Fairfield within 24 hours of accumulated snowfall.

Town employees will clear sidewalks of snow in front of the Town Office, the Library, in front of and to the west of the Community Hall, the south side of the Fire Hall, and the east side and center walk of the park.  

Street snow removal will occur when two (2) or more inches have fallen.  Snow will be removed early mornings before usual traffic begins.

Priority of street snow removal:

• Front of ambulance barn

• 1st  Avenue South in front of Post Office and Fire Hall

• Central Avenue – both sides from Highway 89 to 7th Street

• Side streets off Central Avenue - to 1st Avenue North and 1st Avenue South

• 7th Street from Central Avenue to 3rd Avenue North in front of school

• 5th Avenue North in front of assisted living center

• 1st alleys north and south of Central Avenue

After priorities are plowed, side streets, avenues, and intersections will be plowed and cleared to allow for much improved drainage.  This will happen pending any emergencies that may occur.  We request the community’s cooperation by moving vehicles off the avenues and streets.

Snow from prioritized streets will be cleared to town sanctioned snow piles:

• South side of park

• In front of Mills Motor Company car lot

• In front of Lions Park

• 3rd Avenue North and 7th Street by the School

• Grass area on 7th Street across from St. John Lutheran Church

• West side of Post Office parking lot walkway

Other locations may be added at discretion of the Town Council and/or the Town Public Works Department.  Snow from private property shall not be placed on town property.  Snow piles on private property that create a hazard to the public or endangers town property need to be removed and hauled to disposal sites ASAP.

Snow may be hauled to the flat areas between the ballparks just north-west of town but must not interfere with traffic, such as the Trap Club Road. Town sanctioned snow piles will be removed and hauled to disposal sites ASAP.

Every effort will be made by town employees to clear residual snow from gutters, ensure proper drainage of water, and to minimize icing conditions in gutter and parking spaces. Special attention will be given to the North and especially South side of Central Avenue.

Town employees do not clear snow from private property or sidewalks adjacent to private property.