Weekly Blotter



Choteau – Benefis Teton Medical Center, An ambulance requested for a patient to be taken to Benefis East in Great Falls.

Choteau – Unknown, Dispatch received a call from a female wanting a welfare check done on a female living in Choteau, the caller could not provide enough information about where or who the female lived with to make it possible to find her.

Arod Lakes – Arod Lakes, A caller reported a field fire for a friend, he got his truck stuck and it got hot and started a fire, Pendroy Fire responded to the scene.

Fairfield – 3rd RD NE, Caller talked to a deputy about custodial interference.

Dutton – Dutton City Dump, Caller reported the dumpster at the dump was smoking.

Fairfield – HWY 287, Caller reported a grass fire on HWY 287, Fairfield Fire responded to the scene, the fire was put out.

Fairfield – 4th ST S, Bank reported a fake $100 bill being turned in, it was found by a young man.

Great Falls – Great Falls Police Department, Arrest was made by the Great Falls Police on our local warrant.

Dutton – 2nd Ave NE, Caller reported his wife having chest pains, Dutton EMS responded and the patient was taken to Benefis East.

Choteau – 4th ST SW, Caller wanted a welfare check on her friend who said she was going to end her life, a deputy called the friends mother and he deputy responded to the residence, the deputy and mother headed to Eureka where the girls were believed to be, passed the girls heading home, all is well at this time.

Fairfield – Division LN S, Caller reported that his wife fell down the stairs, Fairfield EMS responded to the scene and the patient was taken to Benefis East.


Fairfield – Central Ave, Caller reported her neighbor knocked on the door to tell her he saw smoke coming from his neighbors window, she could not see anything, a deputy was sent to check it out, another 911 call was received about same thing, Fairfield Fire and NorthWest Energy were contacted.

Choteau – 3rd Ave SW, Caller requested an officer at her residence, said her daughter was destroying her house.

Fairfield – 2nd Ave N, Caller asked for help in locating his friend from Butte, a deputy talked with the caller.

Power – Teton Ave, Lifeline alert reported a lifeline going off, 80-year-old female with a history of balance issues and brain injury, allergic to codeine and penicillin, female was located and is ok, hit the button on accident.

Choteau – 4th ST NW, An ambulance request for a 46 year old female with abdominal pain and vomiting to be transferred to Benefis East.

Choteau – 1st ST NW, Montana Child Abuse Hotline is reporting a child abuse case that was reported to them, a deputy and DPPHS both responded.


Choteau – Main Ave N, PCSO requested us to pick up a person on there warrant, one adult female was taken into custody.

Bynum – HWY 89, Caller reported a while older Chevy pickup swerving back and forth on the road, two deputies responded to the area but could not locate the vehicle.


Out of County – 1st RD S/7th LN S, Caller reported a two-vehicle accident, one vehicle t-boned the other, one person released at the scene, two people taken to Benefis East as a precaution.

Choteau – 3rd ST NE, Massive abandoned vehicle sale.

Choteau – 1st ST SE, Arrest warrant served on an individual that came into get fingerprints.

Fort Shaw – 1st RD NE, Caller reported his mother was scammed.

Fairfield – 17th LN SW, Caller reported he has given a horse to his daughter, she could not ride it so she let her friend use it, friend is refusing to give it back to the owner.

Choteau – 109 Main N, Caller found a set of keys on Main Ave turned them into the Sheriff’s Department.


Choteau – 9th Ave SW, Caller said his wife has fallen and he can’t get her up, Choteau EMS responded to the scene.

Choteau – 5 Fellow RD, Alarm company reported a panic alarm at a residence in Choteau, it was a false alarm just changing batteries in the system.

Choteau – 7th Ave NW, Caller reported that someone entered his business and tampered with his computer.

Fairfield – 1st Ave N, Caller said their mother stopped breathing in the car, she has just been released from the hospital, Fairfield EMS responded to the scene, the coroner was requested at the scene.

Choteau – Choteau, An individual called with a complaint about a deputy, they were advised to come in and file a written complaint.


Choteau – HWY 89, Caller reported cows on the highway just north of Teton Canyon Road, dispatch contacted the owner.

Choteau – Main Ave N, Caller reported his sister is having a hard time breathing, she has COPD and is on oxygen, Choteau EMS responded to the scene and the individual was taken to Benefis Teton Medical Center.

Choteau – Stage Stop Inn, Caller reported a 50-year-old male having a seizure in the convention center, Choteau EMS responded to the scene, individual refused transport.

Choteau – 4th ST NW, An ambulance request for a patient transfer to Benefis East.

Fairfield – 4th LN NE, Caller reported that a neighbor just shot one of her goats, a deputy responded to the scene.

Power – I 15 South, A motorist called in for a broken-down vehicle S bound on I 15, Jarr responded to the call.

Fairfield – HWY 431, Deputy discovered possible accident at 5th RD, vehicle in the ditch, no occupant, deputy talked with landowner and vehicle owner.

Choteau – HWY 89, One adult female booked on suspicion of DUI.


Choteau – Beehive Homes, Dispatch received a 911 call from a female requesting in ambulance for her elderly mother who is suffering from diarrhea and dehydration, Choteau EMS responded and transported the patient to Benefis Teton Medical Center.

Choteau – 4th ST NW, An ambulance requested for a transfer to Benefis East.

Choteau – HWY 220, Caller reported 3 young grizzles playing just north of the dump on HWY 220.

Fairfield – 5th Ave N, Caller reported client is breathing but non-responsive, Fairfield EMS responded and the client was taken to Benefis East.

Choteau – HWY 89, A verbal warning for speeding was issued.

Choteau – 2nd Ave NW, Caller requesting ambulance, complained of back and shoulder pain radiating down the left side, the individual was taken to Benefis Teton Medical Center.

Fairfield – HWY 89, A verbal warning for speeding was issued and advised to get license changed to Montana.

Choteau – HWY 89, A citation issued for speeding and a citation issued for no insurance in effect.

Fairfield – HWY 89, A verbal warning for speeding was issued.

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