On June 1, 2020, Teton County will be rolling out a new electronic referral system called CONNECT. CONNECT is a secure, web-based system for service providers to send, receive and track referrals. CONNECT is a valuable tool aimed at improving the referral process in our communities by simplifying the way we link individuals to the services they can benefit from.

This referral system plays a vital role in managing the wellbeing of the whole-person, by allowing service providers, agencies and organizations to coordinate additional services and opportunities for clients, patients and community members.

CONNECT benefits providers by improving their ability to send and receive referrals quickly. CONNECT also provides a robust online resource guide to promote service to other service providers.  This referral system is free to use, and training and technical support are provided at no charge.

If your business, agency or organization is interested in signing up to use the online referral system, contact Dawn Gunderson, CONNECT Coordinator, at the Teton County Health Department at 466-2562 or by email at dgunderson@tetonmt.org.