Teton County 4-H teen camp counselors started planning back in January to Blast Off with 4-H at 4-H camp in July.  The camp counselors, Taylor Asselstine, Bellamy Beadle, Kwin Briscoe, Justin Forseth, Nolan Forseth, Quincy Holmquist, Madeline Konen, Rebekah Major, Katie Major, Maggie Toeckes, Trever Severinsen and Zane Somerfeld, along with the 4-H volunteer camp director Marla Holmquist and MSU Extension Agent, Jane Wolery, plan all aspects of camp.  During the process, counselors learn organization, planning and team building skills.  All counselors also plan and teach workshops to launch the learning through 4-H.  Numerous campers, ages 8-14, mentioned that they wished camp lasted at least one more day.  

The camp is held at Camp Rotary near Monarch.  Teton County 4-H Camp is supported by several volunteers and chaperones.  Leona Somerfeld is the head cook, assisted by Cathy Campbell.  Jo Lynn Miller serves as the camp nurse.  Lynda Allen, Alisha Breen and MSU Extension Agent, Mat Walter, served as additional chaperones.  Breen, an assistant women’s basketball coach at MSU Billings, also taught a team building and leadership class for the campers.  Martha Jones, a special guest and grandmother of Quincy Holmquist, was a guest speaker doing a class on laughter yoga. Jason Asselstine volunteered his time to supervise an archery class team taught with his daughter Taylor. Delaynie Beadle also attended the preparation day and first two days at camp as a special assistant.  Visiting camp briefly and serving an evening meal were Kayla and Liam Breen who were traveling near Camp Rotary. Brigid and Nick Miller also spent a day helping and taking classes.  

Camp offers an opportunity for youth to expand their horizons in many ways from making new friends, taking classes, building confidence in trying new things, learning manners and sharing in cleaning duties at camp.  There are workshops, flag ceremonies, dances, skit night, songs, camp fires and water fights.  

Some of the workshops this year included:  making solar ovens with a pizza box, videoing and video editing made possible in part by a youth technology grant from 3 Rivers Communications, dance, laughter yoga, mindfulness and meditation, ukulele, marbling with shaving cream for fabric dyeing, bath bombs, mind space art, pie making, recreational relay races, archery, trajectory experiments with balloon launchers and a galactic gourmet food prep class.  All 4-H members take each class getting a chance to explore many different projects and skills.

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Teton County 4-H Camp is open to non-members as well as 4-H members.  For information on attending camp next year, make a note in your calendar to contact the MSU Extension Office in Teton County before June.  If you want your family to become involved in 4-H, enrollment starts September 15.  4-H offers a host of educational and leadership opportunities.  Attending 4-H Camp this year were Myles Allen, Saber Allen, Bryce Bedord, Paige Christensen, Addison Christensen, Taylor Christensen, Jameson Crane, Ainsley     DeBruycker, Ayden DeBruycker, Dillon Harrell, Golden Holmquist, Presley  Holmquist, Taela Knable, Trinity Knable, Waverly Konen, Claire Long, Andrew Major, Madison Maki, Maili Miller, Nick Miller, Jorja Morris, Katy Morris, Sam Newmiller, Tori Newmiller, Shea Ostberg, Jersey Somerfeld, Cannon Stewart, McKenzie Stewart, Trent Taylor, Grace Toeckes, Jack Toeckes, Mikayla Toeckes and Casey Van Horn.