Big Sky Pottery is now offering classes. Andy Watson did a test run last Wednesday night with a group of 11-year-old scouts. He discussed with the boys how a group of geese fly in a V and when the leader falls to the back the next one takes the lead.  

This is how they worked around the room. Each one had their own wheel, but they started at the first wheel and watched Mr. Watson and then proceeded to the next with each boy watching the others.

This way, they had an opportunity to watch the process two or three times before it was their turn and they could give advice and encouragement to those that came after.  

It was a unique teaching technique that resulted in the six boys starting with a lump of clay on their wheels to leaving with a product ready to be fired.

Master Potter Andy Watson will be offering classes to the public. The cost will be $140 for 8, 2 hour sessions. Classes will be offered:

• Monday afternoon from Noon to 2:00pm

• Saturday 9:00am-11:00am and noon to 2:00pm

Please give Andy a call if you interested, (406)467-2067.

Private classes available at additional cost.