The Power Dutton Brady (PDB) Football team will take part in their first-ever kicking clinic on September 12th in Dutton. The clinic will be instructed by Mike Parnell, the father of Power Athletic Director, Merrick Parnell. Coach Mike Parnell has worked with NFL kickers like former Seattle Seahawk Josh Brown, Indoor/Arena professional kickers and kickers at the college and high school level.

Coach Mike Parnell, left.

Coach Mike Parnell, left.

“I am looking forward to working with the PDB kickers, I know kicking is a crucial part of the 6-man game because Point after attempts are worth two points and kicking and punting can help teams win the field position battle,” said Parnell.

The camp will help develop and enhance PDB’s punting, field goal kicking and kickoffs. Parnell plans to teach and address kicking fundamentals and also help teach mental skills for kickers and punters to build on confidence in any game situation.

“We are excited to participate in our first-ever kicking camp. We seldom get the opportunity to receive expert instruction in the field of kicking the football” Said PDB Head Coach, Tom Tramner. “We are looking forward to new and different perspectives concerning technique.

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