Norwegians in America

Photo courtesy Montana State Genealogical Society

Norwegians in America, their History and Record: A translated version of the 1907 and 1913 : Nordmændene i Amerika, deres Historie og Rekord, Volume 1, written by Martin Ulvestad. Translated into English by Olaf Tronsen Kringhaug and Odd-Steinar Dybvad Raneng. Transcribd from Gothic script by Benjamin Keith Huntrods. (Volume 1 covers Norwegian immigration from 1825, through 1907.)

In 1907 and 1913 a book was published in the Gothic script about Norwegians in America. The first Norwegian settlers in counties throughout the states were identified. Brief histories of the lives of these Norwegians was included in the original Gothic script publications. If you knew how to read the Gothic script, one could discover some incredible history of their ancestors.

One hundred years later, in 2010, the publication was translated into English and transcribed from the Gothic script. There are at least three locations where this book can be viewed: The Library of Congress (; The Family History Library in Salt Lake City (; and the California Genealogical Society and Library in Oakland, California ( The book can also be purchased from the publisher, Astri My Astri Publishing,  

The following Montana counties and Norwegian immigrants are included in this publication. They are listed here in the same order they appear in the book, pages 189-195:

Lewis & Clark County

Knute Nelson and Anton M. Holter. There is over three pages of history about Holter.

Meagher County

Martin T. Grande from Ytterøen Parish

Rosebud County

Andrew Andersen from Nrdfjord. Tom Salvesen, Tobias Salvesen, T. Larsen and T. Thompson, all from Hitterø near Flekkefjord.

Silverbow County

Pastor C. Erickson and a number of other Norwegians in the county but none were named.

Sweet Grass County

Henry Ellingsen from Byneset near Trondhjem. O. L. Clausen, O. P. Falling, B. Forsyth, and J. Gundersen. J. L. Rapstad, Sam Solberg, O. C. Christensen. Pastor Peder I. R. Reinertsen and O. A. Fallang.

Dawson County

Andrew Olsen from Bergen. Jonas Halvorsen from Sole, Jæderen, Mikal Kolberg from Thime, Jæderen, Carl Halling from Romsdalen, John Hillman from Stavanger and John Sørensen from Aalesund. Andrew Foss from Voss. Peter C. Dreyer from Osnæs, Vesteraalen. Peter Rørvik from Vigerøen, Søndmøre. Hans Grue from Næs, Romerike. Jens Riveness who was elected court clerk in 1900.

Custer County

Bernt Mælum and Christian Andersen from Lillehammer. Enok Sve from Ørkedalen. John Buan and Sivert Moltuen from Ørkedalen. James Garberg from Selbu. John Teigen from Jostedalen.

Carbon County

Tonnes E. Fosse from Sogndal. S. T. Simonsen from Valders. Jacom Lande and T. T. Brown. Gunder Arthun from Stavanger.

Cascade County

Paston J. D. Ylvisaker. Lewis Roalsvik. Note: “In the section, Compilation of Norwegian Communities in America, one will also find information about many others of the Norwegians living here” i.e., living in Cascade County.

Flathead County

Pastor Nils Iverson Berg and Pastor J. J. Field. Hans O. Christensen.

Jefferson County

S. O. Myhre from Hallingdal.

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Gallatin County

Ole K. Bervin from Hardanger.

Teton County

Lars Næseth from Snog. Ed Bollerud, Joachim Pettersen, Nels Austad, Carl Hanson and Gunder Hanson, Ole Thompson, Gilbert Grande, C. Rudom, Enok Pettersen, J. L. Otnes, S. Lindseth, S. Otnes, J. J. Otnes, Oluf Lindseth, Martin Larsen, Louis Tollefsen and Tom Larson. Also John E. Erickson who was elected county attorney in 1896. Pastor A. Lunde.

Deerlodge County

Carl Stenstrup

Fergus County

Benj. J. Hill, Christopher Aasland, Lars Lien, Johan Berge, Lars Anderson, Thor Nelson, Oscar Anda and Peter Monson.

Park County

Few Norwegians but there was a small congregation served by Norwegian pastors from the Norwegian Synod.

Yellowstone County

Pastor J. E. Madsen and “a number of Norwegians” in Billings but no names were given.