4-Hers Learn the Art of Crepes at Fairfield’s Newest Eatery

Recently, members of the Eager Eagles 4-H Club enjoyed an afternoon at the new Faster Basset Crepe Haus learning the art of making and stuffing crepes.  Misty Cartwright and Amber Larson shared their time and talent demonstrating to 4-H youth how to pour and spread batter on to their special crepe griddles. Then each member got to choose a crepe filling.  The strawberries and cream crepe was an obvious favorite.  The lemon curd crepes, cinnamon and sugar crepes, and classic Nutella crepes got rave reviews as well.  Misty and Amber shared with the 4-H members how some of the crepes got their unique names as well as the origin of the Faster Basset logo and moniker.  Also, the 4-H members were happy to make smoothies and Italian sodas with Misty and Amber.  The flavors included raspberry and kiwi.  If 4-H had to choose a signature drink it would have to be the bright green kiwi drink.  Of all the great things coming out of MSU, including 4-H, hopefully the new Gold Rush Huckleberry Lemonade (bottled by Pepsi) will make its way to our sweet little crepe shop in Fairfield where Misty and Amber can have fun creating a smoothie or soda with it to serve to curious 4-Hers, devoted Bobcat fans or thirsty town folks.

The 4-Her’s are thankful to Faster Basset for taking time to share with them the beauty of crepe making.  Chances are, those 4-H youth will all be stopping into Faster Basset again soon to try out some of the other flavors including the bacon Nutella crepe and the smoky chicken crepe.  You too might be interested in trying a savory ham and Swiss crepe, a sweet Beau Beau crepe or an energizing espresso drink.  Their hours are 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Tuesday - Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p. m. on Saturdays.  Orders can be texted to (206) 407-3330.