The Augusta News, Thursday, May 27, 1920

The first Annual Commencement for District # 45 Lewis and Clark County, will be held at White’s Hall tomorrow night, the graduates being Anna Chisholm, Pearl Keller, Persey Wellman and Lewis Matthew.

Last year, under the old single district system, two were graduated from the Augusta school, namely Marion Covington and Semela Matthew.

The program for tomorrow night opens at 8:30. Prof. E. Ray Mosher, M.A., of the State Normal School at Dillon, will deliver the annual address.

The full program will be found in this issue. The public is generally invited.

The Junior Prom.

The Junior class of the Augusta High School held their first annual promenade in honor of the Senior class at White’s hall last Friday night which was attended by about a hundred and fifty invited guests.

For the occasion the hall was most beautifully decorated in the class colors of azure and gold, as was as pretty as the hall can be made.

Dancing was enjoyed from 10:00 until 1:30. Tomlinson’s orchestra furnishing the music. During the evening refreshments were served. The whol affair was on that high social order peculiar to such events.

Theodore Breidenbach, Dorothy Ogden, Cecil Kearns, Mary Chisholm and Orpha Bergeron compose the junior class while Misses Pearl Keller and Anna Chisholm and Messrs. Persey Wellman and Lewis Matthew are the seniors.