On Saturday, the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department held a pancake supper to raise funds for the department.  

This was the first one that I have ever attended. I had no idea what to expect, but when I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. By the time I arrived, a small crowd of people were already gathered at the Fairfield Community Center. Friends and neighbors from Fairfield as well as people from surrounding communities sat and talked with others. The lack of formality made it very easy for me, as well as others, to engage in conversation and socialize.

This made me feel a lot less shy about introducing myself and asking the people I met if I could take their photo for this article, which helped me to do my job for the Sun Times better. Everyone I talked to was very friendly and made me feel like a part of the community even though half of the people I talked to did not know me.  

After taking photos of some of the children and people enjoying pancakes, I made my way to the kitchen, where I briefly talked to Nick Dale, the assistant fire chief. The fire department volunteers in the kitchens were very busy and doing a great job in making sure enough food was being cooked so there would be enough for everyone.

Dale told me that the supper started in the 60’s and has been held every year since. I found it amazing that this event had been going on for half a century. The turnout was “pretty good,” said Dale. There was a steady stream of people being served and more coming by the hour as the evening progressed. Dale also stated that the whole fire department appreciates the help and support from the community.


From left to right, Beecher Leversee, Merv Carper and Robert Rhodes serve the crowd.

After being in the kitchen and seeing everyone around me eating, as well as breathing in the smell of the food all around me, I decided to grab a plate and try some. I was not disappointed. The sausages were very good and tender, as well as the sunny side up eggs I had. With those, I was surprised to see that they were cooked just right even though the fire department volunteer must have made a hundred of them by the time I had a few. Out of everything, the pancakes were what really stood out to me… mine were incredibly fluffy, soft and slightly buttery, I haven’t had those in years.

To say the least, the food was delicious and definitely worth coming out for. I had a great time talking to people at the event and just being there in general, so I would definitely recommend anyone who hasn’t been to one of the pancake suppers to go, since this is one of those events that you can only experience in small communities like Fairfield. In addition to enjoying the pancakes and great conversation the event raised funds for the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department.