2020 Bank Course High School Fairfield

Left to right: Sophia Huhn, Clay Paddock, Thomas Troy, Crystal Kennedy, Gaice Blackwell.

First Bank of Montana recently hosted a celebration for students in the Fairfield High School government class.  The students participated in, and completed, the First Bank of Montana Financial Foundations Program over the course of the last semester.  Their time at the bank was spent celebrating the completion of that program.  They were treated to lunch and accepted various awards and giveaways.  The students and bank staff discussed a variety of topics during lunch.  These included borrowing money, technology as it deals with banking, and the importance of a person’s credit score.

The Financial Foundations program sponsored for the high school students is real world training through Everfi.  Everfi is a leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing and certifying students in critical skills that may not be the focus in the American school system.  Everfi is supported and endorsed by the Montana Bankers’ Association.  First Bank of Montana’s sponsorship of the program aligns with its mission of serving the communities in which they are located.

First Bank of Montana sponsors Financial Foundations education for students as well as for small businesses and adults.  The training is provided through online platforms of Everfi, the FDIC, and other sources.  More information is available by visiting their website at www.1stbmt.com/education/financial-foundations