Fairfield Times, May 16, 1940

Fairfield High to Have Its First Commencement.

Senior graduation activities of the Fairfield High School begin with the week beginning May 19th with the Baccalaureate services to be held in the High School gymnasium. The Rev. Charles E. Tate of Fairfield will conduct the services and deliver the Baccalaureate sermon.

Monday evening, May 20th, has been designated as class night. The program Monday evening will be in charge of the Seniors and will include addresses by the Senior class president and several class members. Other numbers on the program are the reading of the class Will, the class Prophesy and class History, as well as the presentation of awards in athletics.

Music for the program will be furnished by the High School band and the Girls Glee Club.

Seniors who are members of the Public Speaking Class will present a free recital on Tuesday, May 21.

On Wednesday, May 22, the 8th grade graduating class will hold its exercises at the High School gymnasium.

Thursday, May 23, the graduation exercises of the High School will be held at the gymnasium. J. Irving Smith, superintendent of the Great Falls schools, will be the principal speaker.

This, the first senior class to graduate from the Fairfield High School, has twenty-three members, Leland Walker is the Valedictorian and Miss Shirley Arps is the Salutatorian of this year’s graduating class.


Next week, beginning May 19th, will be a meaningful week for the town and community of Fairfield for it will mark the beginning of the exercises that will culminate in the awarding of diplomas to the first class to be graduated from the Fairfield High School. It will therefore be an event second in significance only to the dedication of the high school. From every point of view commencement time is a significant - even solemn time. To many it means the end of formal schooling and facing life’s problems. To some it will lead to four years in college, with all of the joy and anxiety that it brings with it.

On the other hand, it has been remarked, commencement should be what the name implies, a beginning rather than an ending - an earnest beginning of a wider education that will continue through life. Of opportunities for such self-education there is no end. Digests of news, of the best in literature and current thought are available to all, and they make possible a truly liberal education. Educational broadcasts are daily events and the information imparted is equal to that of the lectures in the best of colleges. Library facilities have now been made available even to the people in country hamlets and on the farms. Truly the means of a liberal education are virtually being pressed upon us. Commencement may and should therefore mean a beginning, not a termination of out educational endeavor. What opportunity to enhance our wellbeing by studies related to our work! How great the opportunity incident to the human contacts that we have. We recall hearing one man say that he rarely meats a man, whether that man is educated or not, from who he cannot learn something. Most people are familiar with the saying, “The only proper study of mankind is a man.” All study should have as one of its main objects the study of man and his relation to the world in which he lives. And it is important to our livelihood and general welfare that we know all we can about man because we have to have daily dealings with people.


As has heretofore been said, commencement time should be a joyous time, a time of solemn resolution and it should also be regarded as a beginning rather that a termination of our educational interests. If commencement can be made to mean the foregoing things to the young people who eill next week receive their diplomas, it will be a fruitful time indeed.

These Are The Graduates

Following are the names of the graduating class of the Fairfield High School, 1940, and a tabulation of their extra-curricular activities:

Shirley Arps: physical education, 2 years; class secretary, class reporter; class vice president, all school play, 2 years; junior play, senior play, Power school paper, 2 years; glee club, declamation  contest, 3 years, cheerleader 2 years; home economics club, pep club, student council, Power School Annual, “Your Problems and Mine” contest.

Delmer Austad: Future Farmers of America, and boxing club.

Edmond Bammel: Band 4 years, glee club, F. F. A., senior play.

Rolly Bowen: basketball 4 years, football 2 years, track 4 years, glee club, student council, Fr.; band and orchestra, F. F. A., pep club, senior play, booster club.

Lorraine Carlstrom: glee club 3 years, home economics club , basketball 2 years; biology club.

Walton Farmer: glee club, F. F. A., football, 3 years; pep club Jr; junior play, senior play, F. F. A.; basketball.

Beverly Graves: glee club, 4 years; home ec. club, booster club, school paper, Annual staff, senior play, basketball.

Franklin Harris: glee club, basketball, 3 years; boxing, track, baseball.

Farrel Johnke: baseball, track, glee club, F. F. A., boxing club, F. F. A. horse-shoe.

Bruce Johnson: basketball, 4 years; glee club, F. F. A., pep club 3 years, football, 2 years; band, senior play, student council, class president.

Neal Johnson: glee club, F. F. A., basketball 3 years; football, 2 years; track, horseshoe.

Eugene Manuel: Teton County Chautauqua, speaking contest.

James Manuel:  F. F. A., 4 years; football, boxing, student council, F. F. A., basketball, horseshoes.

Dorothy Panka: home ec. club, 3 years; glee club, 2 years; band, pep club, 1 year; senior play.

Charles Patterson: football, 2 years; basketball, 3 years, physical education, boxing, 2 years; F. F. A., 3 years.

Lois Ross: physical education, glee club.

Donald Shoquist: F. F. A., 4 years; football, basketball, boxing.

Charles Tracy: F. F. A., 4 years, glee club, 2 years; basketball, booster club, band, 3 years.

Leland Walker: glee club, 2 years; basketball, booster club, band, 3 years.

John Weishaar: physical education, glee club.

Anna Wilkinson: student council, school paper, Fairfield Annual (editor), senior play, glee club, 2 years; basketball, 3 years; kittenball team, glee club, home ec. club.

John Van Balcum: F. F. A.

Betty Young: school paper, Annual staff, senior play, glee club, band, basketball, pep club, home ec. club.