Fairfield pharmacist Jill Tex with the MedSafe located in Fairfield Drug.

Fairfield pharmacist Jill Tex with the MedSafe located in Fairfield Drug.

Sun Times photo by Darryl L. Flowers

Fairfield residents now have a way to safely discard of outdated prescription drugs.

Earlier this year Fairfield Drug installed a MedSafe device in the local drug store.

According to Fairfield Drug owner and pharmacist Jill Tex, the MedSafe was made available through a grant. Fairfield Drug had not applied for the grant, but when the a device was available, it was offered to Fairfield Drug.

Residents can now take their prescription drugs that have expired, or that are no longer needed, and deposit them into the MedSafe receptacle in the store.

Jill told the Sun Times that often, when a family member passes away, the family is left wondering how to discard of a medicine cabinet filled with prescriptions. “The safest way now it to bring the prescriptions here for safe disposal.” According to Jill, even if the drugs are not out-of-date, it can be dangerous to keep drugs in your home if they were not prescribed for you.

To install the MedSafe, Fairfield Drug had to apply for a special permit from the government.

To use the MedSafe, a customer just comes into Fairfield Drug during their regular business hours and drops the drugs into the device.

The MedSafe is locked and secure. When it is filled, the discarded prescriptions are removed by two Fairfield Drug employees and shipped to a processing center where they are safely disposed of.

Jill said that with the increasing problem of prescription drug abuse, it is more important than even to make sure unneeded drugs are disposed of properly and as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Fairfield Drug at 467-2336.