Fairfield Drop-In Center (file photo)

Fairfield Drop In Center recently held its annual meeting. Two new members were elected to the Center’s Board of Directors.  Elected were Agnes Kolste and Myrna Peace.  They take the places of Paul Barrett and Don Schmidt. Thank you, Paul and Don, for your commitment. Hold-over members are Gayle Harris, Nick Konen, Phil Maxwell, Sue Nelson, and Wayne Vatnsdal.  

A request has been made to have an AARP Defensive Driving Class. When there is enough interest (between 15-20 individuals) a class will be scheduled, hopefully in March.  Please call the Drop In Center at 467-2574 or Cheri Schmidt at 467-2896 with questions or to sign up for the class.  Many vehicle insurance companies offer discounts for taking the class.

Bring a Friend to Dinner will be February 20.  The Fairfield Historical Society will give a presentation before the meal starting at  11:30.  Please make reservations by 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 19.