Fairfield Montana, Fairfield High School

Fairfield High School/Sun Times photo by Darryl L. Flowers

As influenza activity picks up this fall, the American Red Cross is urging healthy donors of all blood types to give blood to ensure a strong blood supply for patients in need. Blood can only be given by donors who are feeling well.

Flu shot doesn’t affect blood donation eligibility

One way to maintain health is to get a flu vaccine each fall. There is no waiting period to give blood after receiving a flu shot as long as the donor is symptom-free and fever-free.

For those that have the flu, it is important to wait until they no longer exhibit flu symptoms, have recovered completely and feel well before attempting to donate. Donors must feel healthy and well on the day of donation.

All blood types needed now

Donors of all blood types, especially platelet donors and those with type O blood, are urged to give now to ensure a stable supply this fall. Stay healthy this flu season and make an appointment to donate blood.

To make an appointment to donate at the upcoming Fairfield blood drive on November 26th from 9 am – 2 pm at Fairfield High School call the school at 467-2528 or signup online at www.redcrossblood.org sponsor code Fairfield.