HELENA, MONTANA – Elk Creek Road is now accessible to the public all the way to the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest Elk Creek Trailhead. The Lewis and Clark County road and bridge crew has done an extensive amount of work this summer to make it safe for the public after spring flooding caused significant damage.

The County obtained permits from the Army Corp of Engineers, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to make temporary fixes to open the road. Permits are required because the road is in the Elk Creek floodplain.

“The road around bridge number five above the Krause residence had eroded away and Elk Creek was running down the road, creating significant obstacles to opening the road back up this year,” said Kevin Horne, Lewis and Clark County Road and Bridge Superintendent. “We worked really hard to get the permits in place and we sent a lot of resources and spent a lot of hours to make this happen so that the public can access the area this fall.”

Bridges five and six were scheduled to be replaced this year. The replacements are now on hold so the County can determine the best solution to maintain the road due to the moving creek bed and other obstacles created by the flooding.