Fifty-five eager 6th through 8th grade students sat quite as church mice, waiting for the Teton County Spelling Bee to begin.

The Bee was held at the Power High School on the afternoon of Tuesday February 19th.  Students from Choteau, Power, Fairfield, Dutton-Brady, and Greenfield competed.  

Jonie Olson, a teacher at Power, did an excellent job organizing the event.  

Round one saw all but 16  of the students sitting on the sidelines. Round two knocked out all but three, Paige Hatch an 8th grader from Fairfield, Zoey Riley a 7th grader from Choteau, and Seattle Kjensmo from Dutton-Brady.  

Paige won the bee in the 4th round with the word “renovate.”  Zoey took runner up and will represent Teton County if Paige is unable to go to State.

Paige will represent Teton County in the State Spelling Bee on March 16, 2019 in Billings.  Good Luck Paige!!