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1955 Basketball Tournament Program

The cover from the Triangle League Basketball Tournament for 1955. Scanned from the original document by the Sun Times. All the pages can be viewed in this gallery: http://bit.ly/2msJIVK

Courtesy of the Buckhorn Bar

Augusta’s Buckhorn Bar, Augusta photographer Gus Wolfe and the Sun Times are making photos available to the public for viewing and download.

Cover Photo, Buckhorn Bar 60th Anniversary Party

The view, share or download this, and other Buckhorn Bar 60th Anniversary photos taken by Gus Wolfe, go to http://bit.ly/2oLpPKt

The Buckhorn recently celebrated 60 years of service to the Augusta community.

Leading up to the big event, the Sun Times digitized many of the old Buckhorn photos for a story we ran before the event.

During the anniversary party, the Buckhorn asked Gus Wolfe to take photos of the big day.

The Sun Times, with the permission of the Buckhorn, has uploaded Gus’ photos, as well as the old Buckhorn photos that we scanned, to a pair of public galleries.

The public is invited to view and share the photos, as well as download the digital photo files for personal use.

Gus Wolfe’s photos can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/2oLpPKt

The photos that were digitized by the Fairfield Sun Times (and some taken by us at the party) can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/2msJIVK

From the Buckhorn Bar Photo Album

Photo, taken inside the original Buckhorn Bar in Augusta. The photo, scanned by the Sun Times, was in one of the Buckhorn's photo albums. THe view this and other photos from the album, go to http://bit.ly/2msJIVK

Be sure to “tag” the photos on social media with “@Gus Wolfe” or “@Buckhorn Bar” as a “thank you!”  

There is no charge to view or download the photos. The only charge is if you choose to order prints from the site. If you would like to use the photos for anything other than personal use, please check with the folks at the Buckhorn.