Augusta School

Augusta, Montana School

D.A.R.E Graduation

Alexa Wilkinson, daughter of Tanya Wilkinson and Scott Sands and Nina Smock, daughter of Liz and David Smock, both read their winning essay’s at the D.A.R.E graduation.  The ceremony was held on Dec. 5th.

DARE by Nina Smock – 1st Place

DARE is where people learn about drugs and doing the right thing.  Now I will tell you what learn in DARE.  You can watch videos and get to do lots of stuff.  There are ten lessons.  In the first few lessons you learn what DARE means like D mean Define or Describe the problem, challenge or opportunity.  A means Assess, what is your choice.  R means Respond, make a choice, use facts and information you heard or gathered. E means Evaluation, review your decision, did you make a good choice?  And that is what DARE means.

Anyone who is 21 is illegal to drink alcohol. If you do drink alcohol it could affect your body and you could die.  Alcohol goes directly to into the bloodstream that flows straight to the brain. There are 75,000 alcohol related deaths each year.  Teens bodies are still growing therefore it could affect their body more severely than adults.  Did you know that there are more than 200 harmful chemicals in cigarettes smoke? More than 400,000 American die each year from tobacco related causes. Cigarettes contain nicotine a powerful addictive substance. More than 50,000 deaths per year from second hand smoke.

This time I will be taking about making good choices. One of them could be like one of your friends asked you for a copy of your homework. What would you do? Well you could say yes, but is that a good choice? If I were you, I would say no. Another one could be like you have a choice to got to a movie that just come out or you could go to fair, and you could only choose one. What would you do? Well don’t listen to anyone do the one that  you want.  There are more, but you will learn those in DARE.

Do you ever feel really embarrassed or scared? You are showing signs of stress. You can get stressed when you get yelled at or a really bad dancer. I would say I can do it! When you get in these situations just take a deep breath or a walk.

Do you ever see somebody that is hurt? They are giving you something called body signs. Body signs are when a person doesn’t’ say anything. They use their bodies instead. You can use body language in different situations. Like when your happy, sad, angry, or disgusted. When you lie your parents can tell that you are from your body language, so you really can’t lie to them. Well that’s all you can learn way more stuff in DARE.

DARE by Alexa Wilkinson

DARE helps you understand why drugs are so bad for you and they make you sick! It also helps on how to make good choices, how to deal with stress, resistance strategies, communication, and the 5 W’s of reporting bulling.

Alcohol and cigarettes are very bad for you. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a powerful substance that causes addiction. Smoking can cause yellow teeth and bad breath. Alcohol causes 75,000 deaths each year in the USA.  Alcohol slows down the brain and the body.

Dealing with stress can be hard. Some ways to deal with stress are to sit down and take a few deep breaths. You can also take a walk. Some ways to tell if someone is stresses is if their face is red or have an angry look on their face.

The 5 W’s of reporting bulling are: who, what, when, where and why. A good way to report bullying is to stay anonymous. If you are writing a note to report bullying include who is getting bullied, when and where he or she is getting bullied and why the person is getting bullied. It is only bullying if is occurs more than once.

Resistance strategies are: avoiding the situation, walking away, saying no while giving an excuse or changing the subject. Stay away from places that often have drug users. Hang around non users. Say no and walk away. Sometimes you might have to give an excuse.