Fairfield Food Pantry New Sign

Fairfield Sun Times photo by Darryl L. Flowers

Dennis Barnett, Megan Caffyn and Chelsea Schilling (photo, left to right) show off the new sign recently placed on the Fairfield Community Hall where the Fairfield Food Pantry is located. “We would like to thank Dennis for donating his time and materials to create the sign,” said board members Megan and Chelsea. They also reported that Lauren Carter, with Dally Up Crafts, had created an indoor sign (photo at right) as well.

For the month of June, food pantry donations came from Susie Steltzer, Dennis Barnett, Jannaelle Hoiland, Cathy Anderson, Alan Gagne, VBS, R&L Grocery. Liz Anderson, Trase Caffyn, and Cathy Anderson served as volunteers.

The Fairfield Food Pantry reports that their current needs are frozen meats, beef, chicken, wild game, pork, etc., laundry detergent, and a “dolly” for moving heavy boxes.

You can reach the food pantry by calling Chelsea at 781-1285 or Megan at 590-3150 for assistance or to offer donations of food or cash and to volunteer.

This story was originally posted at fairfieldsuntimes.com