In response to Dr. Edwin Berry’s article (Sun Times, September 25, 2014) “Democrat Comment On Congressman Daines In Daily Inter Lake Is Invalid”

You say climate scientists “predictions are wrong”.

How? They have predicted rising world temps and the past three months have been the hottest on record. They predict rising sea levels and they are correct. Please tell me where they are wrong. I can see the glaciers, or what used to be glaciers, in Glacier National Park from my front porch. I have watched them vanish over the last thirty years. But please tell me I’m wrong and they will return this winter.

Yours and Mr. Daines denial of reality is what’s predictable-if it hurts the pocketbook of the Koch brothers you’ll be against it. Ben Franklin said it best: “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” The GOP works at the behest of dangerous addicts-they are addicted to money, hoarding more than they could ever use and having no conscience regarding who they hurt in pursuit of hoarding even more money, money, money, money.

Our Founding Fathers worried about a new Autocracy developing and sadly their worries have proven true. We have a new breed of Fat Cat tipping the scales in their favor and actors like Daines are supplying the thumb.  The GOP takes it on faith the “free market” will never hurt our environment or treat their employees unfairly or cheat consumers because it would eventually hurt their profits...eventually. Right. We need Representation that thinks further ahead than the next fiscal quarter, or the next election. We need someone who’s not a professional politician or a millionaire, not somebody who will write the rules to benefit other millionaires.

When she is elected Amanda will be the ONLY member of Congress who’s NOT a millionaire. That is reason enough to support her in itself. Plus did I mention she’s a woman?  51% of voters should support her for that reason alone!

Bob Petersen

Evergreen, MT