GREAT FALLS – The Great Falls College MSU Weaver Library is accepting proposals for public commissioned artwork that will be on permanent display in the college’s library.

“We thought it would really enhance the beauty of the library to have a piece of artwork on display that would be thought provoking and be a visual representation of the library’s mission,” said Laura Wight, Director of eLearning and Library Services at GFC MSU.

The artwork selection committee is interested in artwork that is timeless, eclectic, dynamic, and that represents an intellectual quality reflecting the Weaver Library.

The selected artist will receive a $5,000 commission for their work.

The selection committee is open to any type of art for this commission, Wight said. The work could be a sculpture that would be placed in the library entryway, a series of photos displayed throughout the library, or a large painting hung on a wall.

“The artist, in their proposal, will need to say where they want the artwork to go,” Wight said. “We’re encouraging artists to come look at the physical space before submitting a proposal.”

Materials should be sustainable, local, and reflect responsible stewardship as much as possible. Materials that make use of language, light and/or architectural features will be considered.

The Weaver Library has been working for about five years to raise funds for a public art commission.

“All the money for the commission is money we’ve raised through various fundraisers,” Wight said.

“This is an opportunity for an artist to create a work with a timeless, intellectual and dynamic quality with an important place of its own in the Weaver Library’s next chapters,” Wight added.

Proposals will be evaluated by the college’s artist selection committee and follow the art commission approval process as outlined in the RFP.

Proposals are due by Friday, Sept. 8 at 5 p.m. For the full project description and scope, visit