7/20/2020 To 7/24/2020

New Locations - Horizontal Wells

Permits were approved for three wildcat wells in Richland County with all listing Kraken Operating, LLC as the operator.

The Rowin 17-5 #2H will have a Surface Hole Location (SHL) at NE NW 20-26N-59E (325 FNL/2270 FWL) and a Probable Bottom Hole Location (PBHL) of 26,269 feet at NW NW 5-26N-59E (205 FNL/550 FWL).

The Rowin 17-5 #3H will have an SHL at NE NW 20-26N-59E (325 FNL/2303 FWL) and a PBHL of 24,850 feet at SE NW 5-26N-59E (1428 FNL/1891 FWL).

The surface hole for the Rowin 17-5 #4H will locate at NE NW 20-26N-59E (325 FNL/2336 FWL) and will have a PBHL of 26,222 feet at 20-26N-59E (205 FNL/1201 FEL).

All three wells will aim for the Bakken Formation.

Expired Permits

In the Bell Creek Field in Powder River County, the permit for the Bell Creek Consolid. 34-13R expired. The well was first permitted in January 2013 and targeted the Skull Creek Formation. The permit was issued to Denbury Onshore, LLC.