New Locations

In the Kevin-Sunburst Field of Toole County, D & M Welding LLC was issued a permit for the Porker #5, with a surface hole location (SHL) at NW SW 32-35N-2W (1703 FSL/1002 FWL) and a proposed depth (PD) of 1m550 feet. The Porker will aim for the Madison Formation.

Re-Issued Locations

In Fallon County’s Waterhole Creek Field, a permit was reissued for the WCHU Federal 21-10RH to Continental Resources Inc. The well is to have an SHL at NE NW 10-6N-61E (501 FNL/2160 FWL) and a probable bottom hole location (PBHL) of 14,448 feet at 2-6N-61E (1815 FNL/680 FEL). The target is the Red River Formation.


In Daniels County, Ol’ Jake – that is, Jake Oil, LLC, reported two completions, both wildcats.

The Rask 22-21 has an SHL at SW NE 21-33N-48E (1977 FNL/1977 FEL) and a bottomhole location (BHL) of 7,744 feet at NE NE 21-33N-48E (966 FNL/946 FEL). The initial production (IP) was reported as 80 barrels of oil per day (BOPD), zero thousand cubic feet of gas per day (MCFPD) and 200 barrels of water per day (BWPD).

Ol’ Jake’s other well is the Rask 34-16, with an SHL at SE SW 16-33N-48E (666 FSL/1980 FWL) and a BHL of 7,871 feet at NW SW 16-33N-48E (1769 FSL/886 FWL). The IP was 30 BOPD and 50 BWPD.

Both wells tap into the Mission Canyon Formation.

Expired Permits

There were two permits that expired in Carbon County, with both permits naming J.J. Bunkirt Oil & Gas Corp. as operator. The Federal 22-26, whose proposed location was at SE NW 26-9S-22E (1955 FNL/2086 FWL) was in the South Clark’s Fork Field.

The other Bunkirt permit was a wildcat, the Summit 21-26, which had an SHL at NW NE 26-9S-22E (1109 FNL/2473 FEL)

Abandoned Wells

Final abandonment procedures were approved for the Kincaid 3-14, located in the Toluca Field of Big Horn County. The well, which listed Highline Exploration, Inc. as the operator of record, had an SHL at E2 NW 14-1S-32E (1320 FNL/1330 FWL).

Also in Big Horn County, final abandonment was approved for the Rasmussen Trust 3-32, located at NW NE 32-1S-32E (990 FNL/1980 FEL). Highline Exploration, Inc. was the operator of record.

In the Breed Creek Field of Rosebud County, abandonment was approved for the BCU 11-2, located at NW SW 2-12N-33E (1182 FNL/991 FWL). The listed operator was True Oil LLC.

In the Kevin-Sunburst Field os Toole County, the Halter 1 was OK’d for abandonment. The well, located at C NE NE 17-35N-2W (660 FNL/660 FEL) lists Robert Hawkins, Inc. as operator.

In Carbon County, the Shalby Day 1, located in the South Clark’s Fork Field, was approved for final abandonment. The well, under the operation of J.J. Bunkirt Oil & Gas Corp., is located at NE SW NE 26-9S-22E (1872 FNL/1687 FEL).

In Hill County, seven wells were approved for final abandonment, all under the operation of Iofina Natural Gas, Inc.

The Woeppel 15-7 was located in the Chain Lakes Field, at SE SW NE 15-34N-12E (2019 FNL/1355 FEL). The well was drilled in 1979 and was acquired by Iofina in 2009. The well produced gas from the Eagle Formation October, 1988.

The remaining Iofina wells are wildcats.

The Woeppel 1-15, located at NE SE 15-34N-12E (1650 FSL/990 FEL); the Williams 1-21-34-12, located at NW NW 21-34N-12E (990 FNL/990 FWL); the Williams 1-28-34-12, located at NW SW 28-34N-12E (2200 FSL/1150 FWL); the Woeppel 2-15-34-12, located at SW SE 15-34N-12E (500 FSL/1960 FEL); the Williams 2b-21-34-12, located at SW NE 21-34N-12E (1980 FNL/1980 FEL) and the Williams 4-21-34-12, located at NW SE 21-34N-12E (1980 FSL/1980 FEL).

Iofina Natural Gas, Inc., according to the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation database, operates 45 wells in the state. Two are located in Chouteau County; the remainder are in Hill County. According to the database as of last Wednesday, none of the Iofina Natural Gas, Inc. operated wells is in production. Sixteen were listed as abandoned; ten were listed as having expired permits to drill, eight were plugged and abandoned and eleven were shut in.