Oil Field Museum, Cut Bank, Montana, Cable Tool, Drilling Rig

An old cable-tool drilling rig on display at the Oil Field Museum in Cut Bank, Montana. Darryl L. Flowers/Sun Times photo

New Locations:

Fort Worth, Texas based TSAVOIL, LLC application for permit to drill the O’Connor 20-34 was approved. The Roosevelt County wildcat has a surface hole location at NE SE 20-28N-51E (1520 FSL/1120 FEL) and a probable bottom hole location of 8,254 feet at SW SE 20-28N-51E (1019 FSL/1362 FEL). The target is the Interlake Formation.

Abandoned Wells

Final abandonment procedures were approved for three wildcat wells located in Hill County. All three wells were operated by NorthWestern Corporation.

The Bob’s Farm 7-14-36-16, located at SE SW 7-36N-16E (1027 FSL/1230 FWL, was completed in 2004. The original operator was Klabzuba Oil & Gas, Inc. The well logged an initial production (IP) of 150,000 cubic fet of gas per day from the Niobrara Formation.

The Bud-State 15-13-36-15B is located at SW SW 15-36N-15E (941 FSL/203 FWL). It was drilled in 2005 and reported an IP of 400,000 cubic feet of gas per day from the Eagle Formation.

The Peterson 24-13-35-12B, located at SW SW 24-35N-12E (1016 FSL/330 FWL) was drilled in 2009 and reported an IP of 5,000 cubic feet of gas per day from the Niobrara.