Alice Creek Fire Water Drop - 9/12/17


Fire behavior was once again active on the Alice Creek Fire this afternoon, September 12th. The most significant activity took place approximately ¾ mile northeast of the Elk Meadows subdivision, creating impacts to Highway 200. The highway remains open, but motorists are advised to check with the Montana Department of Transportation for the latest status of the Highway. Drivers can expect smoky conditions on the roadway tomorrow. A closure of the Highway may take place if fire conditions warrant.

Red Flag conditions were in effect again today due to low relative humidity, high temperatures, and strong, shifting winds, causing an increase in fire activity.

There was very active fire behavior this afternoon for approximately 3-4 hours near Highway 200 and in the Tom’s Gulch area. Crews responded to some spotting in several areas on the southeast and southwest edges of the fire.

During the most active burning today, both the Wolf Creek Volunteer Fire Department and Lewis and Clark Sheriff’s Department provided assistance with fire operations and traffic safety near the highway. Other areas of the fire in the north and northeast remained relatively quiet as crews continued to mop up.

Afternoon wind shifts pushed the fire back onto itself, slowing its progress and taking out pockets of unburned fuel. Tomorrow, fire activity should decrease due to a transition to predicted cooler and wetter weather for the next several days. A temporary speed limit of 35 mph will remain along Highway 200 due to fire crews working within such close proximity to the road. There will also be a reduced speed limit along Highway 434 near the Hoon Spike Camp, where incident command is located. Please use caution when driving in these areas as slow moving equipment and fire personnel can be located anywhere along these roads.


Personnel: 361 Crews: 4 Engines: 37 Helicopters: 7