The Fairfield Times

The Fairfield Times, July 3, 1924


Eight community picnics will be held in Teton county this coming month and from arrangements that are being made they will be the best that have been held in the county.

The county agent will secure speaks for these picnics and plans are being made for baseball and some field events.

The following are places and dates and names of those in charge of the picnics:

Agawam, July 8 – H. Weist, Jim Baerns, N.L. Pearson.

Beck, July 9 – Jacob Beck.

Power, July 11 – Pete Dederick, M.A. Johnson, J.H. McManus.

Collins, July 12 – C.O. Juelfs, J.A. Vanarsdale, Jim Cheetham.

Spring Valley, July 14 – Vincent Vance.

Lowery, July 15 – Sikke Glastra, Wm Spencer, Mrs. O.I. Wade.

Farmington, July 16 – Mrs. O.S. Forseth, Mrs. H.P Krueger, L. J. Otness and D.G. Seekins.

The big feature of the picnics will be the barnyard golf contests. Six pairs of horseshoes have been ordered by the county agent for the contests and score cards are being made. A considerable number have signified their intention to enter and horseshoes are becoming quite prominent around most farms in the county.