The lawsuit, filed in early August in federal court in Missoula by three former and one current UM employee, accused the university and Montana University System of sex-based discrimination and Title IX violations.




Early this summer, Senate Democrats tried to advance H.R. 1, a sweeping bill designed to launch a partisan federal takeover of America’s elections. They failed to win over even every Democrat in Congress. Now, they are offering a bill they’ve dubbed the Freedom to Vote Act, though a more honest name would be the Freedom to Cheat Act. Democrats say it’s new, but it’s really just a fresh face for the same federal takeover.    

Donald Trump has given every indication he is running for president again, short of formally announcing it, and the party is lining up dutifully behind him. While this comes as no surprise since Trump turned out new voters and is a fundraising machine, he also lost the last election, both in the Electoral College and by roughly 7 million popular votes.