MONTANA, Wis. – Sugaring season is the highlight of the year for Arick Pronschinske, who collects and processes maple sap on his parents’ dairy farm in eastern Buffalo County, Wisconsin. Pronschinske works his sugarbush with help from his mom, Susan Pronschinske. This is their eighth year in business; they recently upgraded to a reverse-osmosis system to shorten the work.

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HELENA, Mont. - Lawmakers in Helena are on their way home for the transmittal break, after completing the first half of the Montana Legislature's 68th session.




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There is no shortage of commentary on the lessons to be learned from the war in Ukraine. There is an understandable debate unfolding given the tremendous amount of sacrifice, human loss, and suffering. The stakes are high and learning needs to occur. War is, and has always been, the best teacher. It has been nothing short of incredible what David has been doing to Goliath on the Steppes of Ukraine.

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It isn’t difficult to persuade doctors — or anyone, really — to visit Hawaii. Nothing brightens their day like those six little words: “This year’s conference is in Honolulu.”